Reisebrev #4 -Travelletter from the Kiwis!

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Day 5 in Turkey is just wrapping up and it has been the best so far. We played our second game today and walked away with a 1-0 win against Stabec. The game was an improvement from our first, and the team is really starting to work well together. As we play more games, the team will continue to improve and we should hit the first season game in great shape.
We are excited to join Avaldsnes for the 2019 season. There is a great bunch of players at this club, each with their own strengths on the field. There is a range of nations represented, from Brazil, to New Zealand, to America, to Norway. This provides the team with a lot of flare and an exciting brand of football. I think its been very valuable coming over to Turkey for the training camp and it has allowed the team to focus solely on football for an entire week. It has also enabled us to play 2 games in one week and play/ train on a full size field. An additional bonus is training in the sunshine and only having to wear shorts and a t-shirt.
The team is gelling well off the field. The Norwegian girls have been very tolerant with our limited knowledge of the language, but are helping us learn new words every day. We can successfully count from 1-10, and are currently working on 11-20!
Tomorrow night, the newcomers have to face an initiation. This comprises of a performance of some sort. Our group is yet to decide on our performance, so that will be tomorrows task following training. Wish us luck as I am unsure if any of us are really all that coordinated off the field.
Thank you for your continued interest in Avaldsnes and we look forward to the season ahead.
Warm Regards,
Rebekah and Victoria
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